Winter Wine Company


As a core component in the creation of Winter Wine Company, We believe in the good karma of the “Pay it Forward” concept.  Using that philosophy as one of our guiding principles, we channel Winters positive energy into causes related to peoples welfare, animals and mountain bikes, three things she enjoyed and was intimately related to.  Accordingly, we are always receptive to requests for our wines for use in your charity fundraising activities.
Corporate organizations such as veterinary clinics, training centers, practitioner groups and other medical care organizations raising funds for animal support projects are welcome to submit applications for our wines.

Non-profit organizations such as animal support organizations, no-kill shelters, spay clinics, and shelter and feeding groups, therapy groups etc. are also the type of organizations we typically support with wine donations.

Non-profit organizations related to people’s health/welfare and psychological support, mountain biking, trail advocacy/construction groups, groups that help newcomers learn and enjoy the sport, and similar organizations are all of interest to the charity support arm of Winter Wines.

Winter’s energy continues to flow in the universe, and we in the Winter Wines family contribute a portion of every sale to the
support and development of canine rescues, veterinary research, dog friendly biking outreach, and similar organizations
focused upon bringing good into the world through the smile of a dog ☺

We also contribute to fund raising activites of these organizations by donating rare Library and Allocation wines to auctions,
winemaker dinners, and similar activities. If your organization would benefit from a contribution of Winter Wines to
your event please let us know by filling out this request form:
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